TIS-100: My emulator for a CPU that doesn't exist


Recently I became infatuated with TIS-100, a game which aptly describes itself as “the assembly language programming game you never asked for!”

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This is really cool, I’m definitely going to have a play around with this :smiley:
I think the guy/s at zachtronics would be proud.


Reading your post I get the impression that you’re among the few people on earth that might react to some of the games(?) I made as pointless hobby projects with more then puzzled confusion:
Grove Script and even more like the TIS-100 game you describe:Core Society

That said TIS-100 sounds very awesome. I just printed the manual and hopefully I’ll find some time to play the game, soon! =)


Wow those projects look really great. I will have to read more when I have time, but I suspect that you will really love TIS-100!


This was really cool! It inspired my to port your work to F# (hope to find time). I never played with TIS-100 game… but I will.

Thank you for sharing this great post and code!


Thank you for sharing this great post and code!




Time to write this in Brainfuck or assembly