The value of a thousand little features


It’s been over a year since I wrote a blog entry! And while of course the universal excuse of “I’ve been busy” applies, I think we reached a point in Discourse’s development where we just were able to focus on the product without a lot of stuff getting in our way.

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Great article!
I was trying to customize Discourse UI, make it look nicer, to fit my need.

so I was trying to find&read a lot of things that relate to Discourse.
I saw you are top contributor on Github so I check out your blog,

nice content!


btw, there are not many content on how to customize Discourse in Chinese language.
strange, but I would write some, as I more and more familiar with Discourse
( I am Rails developer too, but not familiar with Ember.js yet)


you don’t write much, no 2018 post, only one 2017 post, and then 2016 2015 2014…