Let's Talk about Browser Applications (and Forums and Discourse)

Back in February, I gave a presentation on Discourse and client side MVC at TechTalksTO.

It wasn’t recorded, but I’ve taken the liberty of creating a video version of the presentation with an audio track.

While the presentation is about Browser Applications, I take a large detour in the beginning to talk about Discourse and Forum software in general. Enjoy!

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Love your blog and love learning about Ember! Keep up the great work!

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As a server side programmer who is starting to work on the client side, what would you describe as a good mvc framework for a client side to start with?
Is it a matter of preference or there is a unique features in each of the framework available this days?

Great talk and good reasoning on using client side MVC. I would be glad to see a post about accessibility tho. I know it's possible with Ember and I know the modern screen readers can read almost anything on the web. But have you tested discourse with any screen readers so far?

Yup. We haven't added all the WAI-ARIA attributes yet but Discourse works remarkably well without any customization.

I think preference and comfort level is a big part of it. I love Ember obviously but I suggest you try them all. Maybe make a small site in each one and see how far you get.