Internationalization Support in Ember.js


Yes in that case the helper is not bound. In discourse we have a bound helper for that:

However this article is quite old now. I’d suggest using ember-i18n which has well documented use for this situation.


Thank you, I’ll look into ember-i18n. Happy Holidays!


I get an error for "Object."
I’m currently using ember 1.13
Is there a fix for this? I’m wondering if things are deprecated.


Object.keys(params).forEach(function (key) {
params[key] = Em.Handlebars.get(self, params[key], options);


A lot has changed since I originally wrote this.

On the latest embers I’d recommend ember-cli-i18n.


Some texts in English can also be used interchangeably where other languages cannot. Using identifier keys makes sure that a translation can be uniquely identified, so that the translation is always correctly referenced.