Ember 1.0 preview upgrade notes

This is just a quick follow up to a post I made recently about upgrading Ember to the new router. A couple small things have changed that I feel are worth mentioning. In particular they deprecated one piece of advice I gave so I wanted to correct it!

this.controllerFor() inside Controllers has been deprecated

If you want a controller to speak to another in your app, previously you could do this.controllerFor('foo') to get a FooController. That’s been deprecated for a much nicer way of doing things. Simply include a needs property in your declaration for the controllers you need access to. It will then be available under controllers.bar:

App.FooController = Ember.ObjectController.extend({
 needs: ['bar', 'baz'],
 someMethod: function() {

A cool side effect of this new API is you can see exactly what relationships your controllers have to each other. If you see more than one or two controllers in your needs property, you might want to raise an eyebrow. It’s a sign that perhaps your controllers are too dependant and maybe you could rewrite things in a better way.

Also to be clear: you can still use this.controllerFor() in your router. It’s just deprecrated inside controllers.

ContainerView’s childViews is deprecated

This is another change that will result in a lot less code. Previously, if you had a ContainerView, you could add and remove views from it using the childViews proeprty. Now, the childViews property has been deprecated as the ContainerView itself acts like an Array. So instead of:

// The old way

You can just do:

// The new way

Pretty slick!

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thanks I took my eyes off emberjs for a few days and gboom controllerFor was deprecated. You blog post helped me know that.