Embedding Discourse in Static Sites



I just used above code in my website. But It’s showing “Loading Discussion…” message.

Do I need to change any configuration in Discourse. What is the actual issue?


I have a similar issue… I’m not using an XML feed. When I first visit my webpage with the embedded post I see “Loading Discussion…”. I don’t see the “Continue Discussion” button until I reload the page, at which point everything is fine.

Also, with the embedded content, I don’t have a “Continue Discussion” button at the top of the posts like we see on the eviltrout blog post.


A few suggestions based on my experience using the embed logic (without an XML feed):

  1. There needs to be an alternative to retrieving the content for the title. Right now it looks like it only pulls from the meta title. I’d like to pull from an H1 tag. So maybe in addition to the whitelist and blacklist selectors you add in a title selector option.
  2. Upon the first load (topic creation), the embed logic just shows “Loading Discussion”. The “Continue Discussion” button only displays when I reload my webpage.
  3. I don’t see a “Continue Discussion” button before the embedded posts like we do on the EvilTrout blog. Inconvenient for visitors to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
  4. Images in posts don’t scale properly… especially noticeable on mobile devices.
  5. I’d like an option to omit the “This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at” text from the topic. In our situation we run a daily deal website, so on our homepage the deal flips each day, and those links cause confusion in this situation.
  6. Auto generated topics can’t be edited after being created… perhaps this is because there’s logic to auto update the content based on the derived webpage? If so, we’d like an option to disable the auto-refresh… for the same reason as #5 to give us the ability to edit these.

We’re currently using Discourse 1.3.1


I’m pretty sure this is a dumb question, but I’m going to ask anyway.

What are the impediments to using this with a dynamically-generated site? I have an Expression Engine site that I’d love to use Discourse on. The pages are generated dynamically, although they are cached by EE.

Any thoughts on whether this might work?


It would be nice if embedding is also extended to specify emails that are automatically notified of any topic activity. Right now, the post is created using one user name, which more often that not, is not the author in the external site.

If the email/s are already registered in the Discourse site, then Discourse’s native notification behavior is perfect. For non-registered users, an invite is sent instead.


Hi, just to be sure I understand this, my Discourse site ( is simply composed of me, the administrator, creating test topics, and my colleague replying to them. I am not very familiar with the concept of RSS or ATOM feeds, but researching them right now. To put it simply, I would like the contents of what I see when I click the link above to be embedded within an HTML document on another web site. Is that possible without the use of RSS/ATOM feeds? Also, can I leave my Discourse site as an IP address, or do I need to associate it with a dns name?

Thanks for your time,




Not working for me :frowning:
GET 403 (Forbidden)


Loading Discussion…
Then everything disappears from iFrame

Very strange


Fixed it. Without having a DNS configured it’s better to use raw ip instead :wink:


I have another issue:

This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at URL_HERE

is shown in the auto-generated topic once the user enter the new article, but no content shown.
I’ve read a lot about readability algorithm you’re using here, do I need to setup whitelist selectors for that ?

Also, I have a title the same each time new topic is created. I’m using http://myUrl:81.com
and it picks up “my Url”? I have searched for any instance of “my URL” and haven’t found it. I also setting up dynamic title for each page hoping it will pull it up and set as subject on forum itself.

Can someone help me with this?


I have integrated discourse to my website. Is it possible add new comments on same blog page?


Hi @Blackening999 did you ever get around this?